The story of Chiropractic Assistant Samantha Lovell


Before working for Dr. Taylor my only experience with chiropractic was both limited and horrifying!  As a child, while visiting my aunt in Colorado, she took me to her “chiropractor” who worked out of his house.  I remember standing in line for what seemed like hours. The line began on the sidewalk outside of the house.

It wound its way through the living room, the kitchen, and finally into an empty dining room where a 90-year-old man named Harvey stood contorting…I mean adjusting each person. Ha! When it came to be my turn I stood in front of Harvey, closed my eyes, and completely burst into tears.  To this day I still don’t know if I was actually adjusted or just stood there crying in fear.

Fast forward twenty years and I’ve just been hired to work at Taylor Family Chiropractic (my inner child was terrified).  Dr. Taylor wanted to make sure I knew what a real adjustment was, so after being hired he walked me through the process of being a patient.  I instantly fell in love with the muscle stimulation but was still extremely anxious about the adjustment.

Dr. Mark Taylor – Frisco Chiropractor

Dr. Taylor knew I was nervous and performed the most gentle adjustment possible!  After about a month of getting adjusted, I started to notice my headaches had completely disappeared. After a year, I had only been sick once. 6 years later, I have only had to call in sick twice!!  Before Frisco chiropractic care with Dr. Taylor, I would get headaches daily, migraines at least once a week, and 4-6 sinus infections per year. I had no idea that chiropractic was so beneficial for your immune system but I am happy to report that I can’t remember the last time I had a headache or a sinus infection.

Before I knew it, my father was begging to come in!  He is an avid golfer but arthritis in his shoulders was beginning to significantly affect his swing. Within a few adjustments he was back out on the golf course and his game began to improve.  Now he comes in for monthly appointments to keep him out on the golf course (and so do a few of his golf buddies).

My husband likes to get weekly adjustments to keep his body functioning at 100%.  As a glassblower, he stands on concrete all day and his arms are elevated at shoulder height as he creates his masterpieces. Before being adjusted, he would constantly complain of pain in his hips, low back, shoulder blades, and arms.  As long as he sees Dr. Taylor regularly, he is pain free!


Last year my husband and I found out the exciting news that we were pregnant! I was concerned about standing all day for work and how the extra weight would affect my back…and once again my daily adjustments saved me. Before getting pregnant I would get sciatic nerve flare-ups, approximately 3-4 times a year, but only had ONE the entire time I was pregnant. Prenatal chiropractic care was a lifesaver for me and I don’t understand how expecting moms can function without it?! 

Now that my sweet baby girl is earthside, she gets adjusted too. I have seen first hand how chiropractic can help a “well baby” stay well. Dr. Taylor adjusts our daughter Ivy based on milestone indicators, usually before we even notice anything, and she is absolutely thriving. Chiropractic has changed my life and the life of my family for the better!!