The story of Chiropractic Assistant Emili Frye


My first visit to Dr. Taylor was while I was while I was working at a coffee shop. I was standing on my feet all day, working inconsistent hours, and sleep-deprived. One morning I went into my 4:30AM shift and could not stand up straight due to back pain. The pain was excruciating. It felt like someone had taken an ax to my lower back. I tried taking pain meds and they just were not cutting it. I knew I needed a doctor’s appointment but had just moved to the area. I did not know very many people in the area, much less a doctor. I asked some of my co-workers if they knew of any doctors that they really trusted, who were also close to work and home. Great news! One of the baristas I worked with had been seeing Dr. Taylor for several years and she could not say enough wonderful things about him! Hesitantly, as I had only been adjusted one other time as a child, I called Dr. Taylor’s office. I was greeted over the phone with kind, reassuring words, and was promptly booked for later that afternoon.

Once I arrived at Dr. Taylor’s office I was pleasantly surprised that the office was warm and inviting. I felt right at home. After filling out the paperwork, I was taken back to meet the doctor. My first impression was that he was friendly and genuine. Dr. Taylor explained what was going to happen that day, we took some x-rays, and I was set up on electrical stimulation. Afterward, he told me that the pain I was experiencing was being caused by pressure on a nerve and that it occurs more frequently than people realize. Dr. Taylor explained that he had a phenomenal success record with correcting them. Now it was time to get adjusted. What I considered, at the time, to be the scary part! Dr. Taylor guided me through my first “real” adjustment with calm words and a soft tone, relieving me of any angst or anxiety I may have had when I first walked into his office. After my adjustment, I sat up and felt immediate relief from my back pain. My first appointment went very well. I immediately felt 70-80% better and I left the office looking forward to my next appointment.


Flash forward three years…I’m an avid supporter of chiropractic adjustment and get the opportunity to work for Dr. Taylor! There is nothing more satisfying than changing the lives of our patients each and every day. I can confidently tell our patients first-hand how beneficial chiropractic is because I’ve been in their shoes. Gone are the days of living life, suffering through day-to-day activities because of something completely preventable through consistent chiropractic care in Frisco. Given my results with chiropractic, I insisted that my husband come see Dr. Taylor. He works in the IT world and had been suffering from frequent headaches. Since he started getting adjusted regularly, he no longer experiences headaches which is so amazing! I love that my husband and I can keep our minds and body healthy and active with the help of Dr. Taylor. 

I am so thankful for the opportunity to help positively impact others’ lives daily. Learning about something new and investing so much time into the health of our patients is my favorite part of my job. It is truly incredible seeing patients walk through our door in pain one day and blossom into friendly, caring friends who we look forward to seeing every visit!!