Chiropractic treatment after personal injury in Frisco, TX

Injuries in life can happen unexpectedly and typically create a wide array of physical symptoms to accompany them. Dr. Taylor approaches each patient with 2 distinct goals: 1.) to relieve the immediate pain you are experiencing and 2.) to correct and stabilize your condition so that the pain doesn’t return in the future. With an average treatment success rate of 90%, the odds are in your favor that we’ll have you feeling better quickly.

Getting Back to Normal

Following an incident, you may feel stiffness or pain immediately or it could take weeks for symptoms to appear. It is incredibly important to treat the symptoms related to a personal injury immediately even if you aren’t experiencing severe pain. At Frisco Chiropractor, we utilize only the most effective services for successfully treating personal injuries, without running up the tab with unnecessary add-ons as other chiropractic offices do. Dr. Taylor holds a certification in physical therapy and takes great care in designing a rehabilitative program individually to you in order to help you return to the normal, pain-free life you deserve.

An alternative to medication

Many people use prescription medication to ease their pain following a personal injury. Unfortunately, painkillers only work for a short period, masking the symptoms, and never correcting the actual cause. That means when these medications wear off the pain typically returns. Dr. Taylor treats the root cause of your pain and uses the most effective methods of diagnostic testing to treat your condition. Being a former chemist, Dr. Taylor can share with you firsthand his knowledge of commonly over-prescribed medications and how their abuse is a dead-end street. He will take the time to create a personalized care plan to ensure maximum recovery and pain relief. No matter if your injury was caused by a car accident, a weekend warrior adventure, or just everyday LIFE; it is vital to make sure that you receive the proper treatment to maximize the function of your body as well as minimize the downside of excessive wear and tear on your joints.

Working with Insurance

Taylor Family Chiropractic works with many types of insurance. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and can answer all your questions about insurance to make sure you can get the care that you need.

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