The creation of life is undoubtedly one the most amazing miracles that anyone can experience and the first time you look into your child’s eyes is something that you will never forget. The process in between however can be very demanding on an expecting mother’s mind and body. It often comes with a wide variety of physical symptoms from headaches, nausea, morning sickness, round ligament pain, pubic bone pain, pain from the breech presentation, low back pain, sciatica, pelvic pain, and for all the mom’s out there you know that list goes on! Prenatal care at Taylor Family Chiropractic is not just about making mom “comfortable” as she undergoes one of the most incredible times for a growing family. We consider it an honor to be a part of your care during this special time and take a hands-on approach to care for our expecting moms.


The benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy are truly vast but one of the most important benefits is the detection, prevention, and correction of fetal malposition. Frisco Chiropractic Center can offer an easy, non-invasive, alternative to correct a breech presentation and it is painless. It has also been shown to significantly reduce back labor, and preeclampsia risk, as well as reduce neck, back, and joint pain. Chiropractic has been proven to shorten labor times, increase comfort during breastfeeding, and has been linked to greater production of breast milk. Last but not least, chiropractic care during pregnancy can reduce morning sickness/nausea, reduce the risk of postpartum depression, and increase the probability of carrying full term.

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Unequivocally yes. According to the American Pregnancy Association, regular chiropractic adjustments provide safe and effective relief for strained muscles and joints that are literally pulled in new directions by the developing baby. Dr. Taylor is highly trained to accommodate the changing needs of expecting mothers and his treatments are modified to suit each pregnancy to ensure that no pressure is applied to the abdomen. “Women who received chiropractic adjustments in their 3rd trimester were able to carry and deliver their child with much more comfort.” – Dr. Irvin Henderson, MD

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